Call center panaceas?

Many organizations in this country, including e-Sourcing companies, employ the use of call centers (both domestic and offshore). Based on information I hear from the marketplace, these work about as well as you would expect. Extremely long response times, low quality support and no knowledge transfer are commonly stated problems. This is a very interesting website that shows the growing disdain with this type of customer service. As for Iasta, I hope the trend grows because our support continues to be world class, even with massive growth.

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  1. David, I love your line about call centers, “These work as well as you would expect.” Most Buyers I know (myself included) try to shy away from vendors that have call centers or at least try to get our own personal rep for our accounts because call center account management is typically atrocious and a huge waste of time for a Purchasing Department. However, there are a few notable exceptions, which make me wonder why all call centers can’t be so efficient and such assets to their companies as the few who stand out in the field.

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