SAP Deal Done

As mentioned on E-Sourcing Forum last week, SAP has made the leap into the sourcing game. Jason Busch offers some insight into the deal and how it will impact SAP and the market overall. Of course, this will be something of a topic here and I am sure I will come up with some of my own thoughts in regards to the merger.

None of this is surprising, SAP has been agonizingly slow to react to this market in North America and integrating the Frictionless application is at least an 18 month project. I mentioned multiple times in the past weeks that Frictionless was on the ropes and that absence from ISM was a telling sign that the company was no longer going to exist autonomously.

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  1. So more competition for independent best of breed vendors. We have to wait and watch who is next e-sourcing vendors on the list of acquisition.

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