Green suppliers

There is a recent article regarding the environmental policies in sourcing at Interface, Inc., which is the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. It mentions how the company was able to save $260m from waste reduction initiatives.

Getting information from suppliers about their environmentally friendly processes are exactly the type of responses that should be collected, weighted and scored in an eRFx document. Many of our clients have sections in templates that are devoted to questions such as these. Also, thinking long term there are many ways to save money over time with the implementation of green policies as documented in the article.

Paul Paydos, Senior VP for Planning and Purchasing stated, “You’ve got to quit thinking of yourself as some stand-alone organization. You are your entire supply chain—from mine and wellhead to the incinerator and landfill. And if you want to begin to reduce your environmental footprint, the quickest way to start is to find those suppliers who’ve already reduced theirs.” It sounds like Interface has some very good strategic thinking about their supply chain which is promoting environmental responsibility and savings.

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