Will Kermit Change His Tune?

“It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Especially if you are Kermit the Frog. Or at least if you were Kermit the Frog up until recently. You see, if some people, especially the Neo-Greens, have their way, Kermit might soon get to change his tune … and not just when he’s driving the Ford Escape Hybrid.

We refer you to the latest issue of Wired, which has, among others, an article entitled “The Next Green Revolution” that references a new growing trend, especially in some of the more enlightened cities in the east – green roofs.

For us Americans, this might be one of the most confounding ideas to ever crash onto our sophisticated minds, with out love of sleek, shiny, metallic objects, concrete forms, and glass displays, and our innate belief that technology transcends nature. But from a strategic sourcing point of view, it is arguably one of the best ideas ever. Why?

First of all, I’d like to refer you to an earlier blog entry on “Green Suppliers” about Interface Inc. that was able to save $260M from waste reduction initiatives from going green. Environmentally processes save energy and materials – and that saves money. Green roofs also save energy and materials. The roofs provide a balanced climate barrier that helps to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer. Also, what better material to fend off the forces of nature and erosion then nature itself? They also benefit the environment by reducing the level of atmospheric carbon, which helps to counteract our increased production thereof. Simply put, green is the way to go, and in a perfect world, which likes to save money, Kermit should be able to change his tune … for good.

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