Two Turntables and a Microphone

Fans of Beck will immediately recognize this as half of the chorus from Beck’s “Where It’s At”. Regular readers might think I’ve finally flipped my gourd, as this can’t possibly have anything to do with sourcing. However, even though literally it has nothing to do with sourcing, metaphorically, it has everything … and it provides a nice lead in to this blog entry.

In good sourcing, “There’s a destination a little up the road”. Sourcing professionals know what they need to do and what they need to accomplish. “Jig-saw jazz and the get-fresh flow” … or … world class sourcing organizations got it going on. “Pick yourself up off the side of the road” … challenges are opportunities and there’s never a no win-situation. I could continue, but you get the point.

What we’re all really concerned about is “Where It’s At”. What constitutes a solid basis for successful sourcing? What are the issues at hand? Where can we find them all in one place?

Turns out a really good start is The Hackett Group’s research agenda for 2006.

  • Increase procurement’s ability to drive significant levels of spend cost reduction and spend cost avoidance
  • Improving spend management by increasing the visibility of enterprise spend behavior
  • Aligning procurement’s goals with those of the business
  • Working more effectively with suppliers
  • Driving organizational excellence
  • Improving global sourcing and supply management
  • Applying technology to the specialized requirements of the procurement organization
  • Driving process excellence in strategic sourcing and purchase-to-pay
  • Raising the skill levels of procurement staff

Of course, these are only the questions, and we here at Iasta are thrilled to have most of the answers.

  • our on-demand SmartSource e-sourcing platform offers significant process time reductions and sourcing process improvements that can help you considerably increase the number of strategic sourcing efforts you undertake, which drives cost reduction and avoidance
  • capturing all of your events in one e-sourcing tool greatly increases visibility and our contract management and dashboard capabilities will let you know what you need to source when
  • a centralized tool that can be accessed by all stakeholders goes a long way to aligning procurement goals across the organization
  • web-based tools streamline supplier interactions
  • SmartSource is built on a complete strategic sourcing process, which will be detailed in a forthcoming whitepaper, that drives excellence
  • our web-based capabilities allow you to more easily undertake global and LCC sourcing initiatives
  • our technology was built from the bottom up to serve procurement and sourcing professionals and meet their needs
  • the foundation of the strategic sourcing process our SmartSource product is built was designed around best practices and our new decision optimization enables the optimal TVM (Total Value Management) award every time
  • our forthcoming next generation auction and decision optimization tools will assist in raising sourcing and procurement skills to the next level

In other words, here at Iasta we’re on the same page as The Hackett Group, home of the legendary Pierre Mitchell. We got “Two Turntables and a Microphone”.

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