ESF and the Summer of Love (or at least content)

Ok, so I am as tired of Emeril as everyone else, but I will take this opportunity to lift his billion dollar phrase for my own benefit. BAM! E-Sourcing Forum will be kicking it up a notch this summer!

For starters, I would like to announce that Iasta has re-engaged Dr. Michael Lamoureux to co-lead our continued development of advanced sourcing optimization, known in SmartSource as Decision Optimization, which he has helped us ramp up quickly since he started working with Iasta in February. A PhD mathematician and computer scientist by training, and e-Commerce and e-Sourcing designer by trade, we are very excited to have him on our team as we build out even more sophisticated and proprietary optimization models that can be used in our strategic sourcing application. These software enhancements will further cement Iasta’s theory and application of Total Value Management (TVM) for the strategic sourcing community. Prior to Iasta, Dr. Lamoureux worked with a number of eCommerce and eSourcing companies, the most notable being MindFlow Technologies, one of the pioneers of decision optimization technology for strategic sourcing, where he occupied the role of Chief Architect for over three years.

How does this effect ESF? Not only will Dr. Lamoureux be contributing on a regular basis, but, beginning this weekend, we will begin posting in-depth, original content regarding Purchasing Innovation and Advanced Sourcing Principles. Beginners beware…these posts will not be in the kiddie pool, you should expect to be thrown into the deep end. However, fear not, the lifeguards are on duty and we encourage you to post comments and questions which will be promptly answered. These concepts will be covered in our Weekend Edition of E-Sourcing Forum, so they will not overrun the normal daily content that you have come to expect from us. (And for you ex-techies who have converted to Sourcing, Dr. Lamoureux has started his own blog, SourcingInnovation).

Thanks again to all our regular visitors and rapidly increasing daily visitor count. I think this deep-dive into sourcing will be very well worth the weekend read for those with a thirst for detailed knowledge.

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  1. I plan to pull out the pocket-protector and watch Revenge of the Nerds this week (while sipping Tab) to get ready for Michael’s commentary … :-)

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