Sparks flying on Spend Matters

Today is open mike night here on ESF, if anyone would like to jump in on the Supply Risk discussion from the weekend, please do. After previous excellent commentary from Dave, Sudy and Jason – the bar is set pretty high!

Alternatively, I was very impressed with Jason’s haymaker on Oracle and the smear campaign on spend analysis through the new “blackpaper” – nice! Jason says everything as well as can be said, so please read his post. This is also a nice lead in, as I have plans to really ramp up discussion of Spend Analysis/Visibility on this blog soon. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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  1. I will certainly take your offer up to respond to Michael’s excellent supply risk posts … I’m on the road through the middle of the week, but once I’m back in the office, look for some thoughts. Kudos for tackling such a critical topic.

    – Jason

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