Its Alive!

The well buzzed and documented release of Dave Stephens new venture, Coupa, has gone live. Originally slated for July 4th – “Independence Day” (meant to symbolize freedom from expensive installations of the past) is available at Coupa eProcurement. Dave personally took me through the tool in mid-June and I can attest that it had the best user interface and smooth, intuitive e-proc functionality that I have been exposed to. Coupa also has a social networking structure that breaks the mold for traditional e-Procurement solutions. Lets call it e-Procurement 2.0.

I am very curious to see how Coupa takes off compared to its well known brethren like SugarCRM. I will be watching closely at the code development pace and install base. Of course, I will also make sure to get regular feedback from Dave himself, to post here. As with any start up, there will be mistakes and strategy shifts, but Dave is well equipped to make the adjustments on the fly to make it all work.

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