What does your CIO want?

According to McKinsey, they want Software as a Service usage to go up. This aligns very well with the recent data that has come out from Aberdeen and AMR. McKinsey states that software costs can be reduced by 30-40% by having external hosting and implementation and usage is greatly increased.

In addition, our own Michael Lamoureux broke down some of the statistics from both reports as well.

  • 52% of survey respondents indicated that on-demand systems require less implementation time and effort than traditional installed behind-the-firewall legacy applications with a further 39% indicating installs took about the same amount of time and effort; that’s 91% of respondents agreeing that on-demand is at least as fast to implement as legacy systems, if not faster
  • enterprises deploying on-demand solutions improve spend under management by 28% more than enterprises that deploy installed on-site solutions over the course of a year … 28% … considering that the savings potential for each dollar of spend under management is between 5% and 20%, even if the actual savings realized is only 30.3% of planned savings (industry average – best in class do much better), then you are looking at a savings of at least 1.2M for every 1B … 1.2M+ … and considering that decent on-demand suites can be obtained for 250K/year (not counting professional services), you could easily save 1M just by using on-demand! ( If you are best-in class and capture 70% of planned savings and efficient and get 15% on each dollar of spend under management, you save roughly 3M more on every 1B going with an on-demand solution! )

You can download the new Aberdeen study for free here.

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  1. I guess that’s why Accenture is throwing $450M into SOA.

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