Outing the Spend Fool

After a spirited debate on sourcing optimization, over on Spend Matters last week, I got even more curious to the real identity of the Spend Fool, much as others have already. Having built a reputation as the premier commenter on Jason’s blog with very creative responses that show up every few weeks, Spend Fool is a blogging Hall of Famer now (at least in our little part of the world).

While poking around and writing this fun post, I planned to announce that I was suspecting the Fool to start a blog of their own, or that it was only a matter of time. That is when I stumbled into the Lost Ark itself and discovered the identity of our masked friend!! Needless to say, it was a true “A-ha!” moment.

So, instead of my announcement as planned, I shall leave the outing to the Fool’s self. And to close, should the Spend Fool want to remain anonymous, they may feel free to email/call me to find the leak and fix it. You have my email address…

Still quiet here.sas

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