Iasta SmartSource 7.0 Released

At long last, Iasta has finally released our newest version of SmartSource. I generally do not discuss happenings in Iasta-land on E-Sourcing Forum but this is significant from my perspective because we have been so excited about unleashing this monster, and, because it changes the e-Sourcing landscape even more with our expanding breadth across supply management. Although none of our competitors will ever admit it, Iasta is now a player in end to end supply management and we did it with all of our own code. There was no cheating by acquiring technology (although we did partner for some). If you are interested, you can read the full press release here. As a summary, here is what changed:

  • Iasta has made the release of SmartAnalytics – a spend analysis platform that few can rival. Look for more blogs coming on spend visibility technology and best practices. This is the first new platform we have introduced to complement SmartSource.
  • Major enhancements to the Executive Dashboard and Management Reporting functionality.
  • New user enhancements to Decision Optimization, including better data loading capability.
  • A new, integrated module for Contract Management is available that allows users to close the loop on the sourcing lifecycle.
  • Over 200 client feature requests.

Iasta has been running well-attended group webinars for weeks now and been getting a very positive response from our user community. If you did not get a chance to view some of the highlights, please let us know and we would be happy to schedule some time to bring your company up to speed. Thanks for all the support and feedback that went into this release. We still have more surprises up our sleeve in 2007 as we will continue to embed huge amounts of functionality into SmartSource without pegging our clients with a seven figure smack-down. Some companies call them “modules”, we call it our product.

So, to highlight this glorious occasion, I have a tribute that I have always found enjoyable and strangely keeps getting funnier while simultaneously more disturbing:

2 Responses to Iasta SmartSource 7.0 Released

  1. Nice work guys (and good flick, as well 😉 You guys have come a long way in the past few years — there’s no doubt about that. I look forward to learning more, especially about the analytics bit. And don’t knock modules — they could allow you to upgrade to that fancier Acura, David.
    – Jason

  2. The new version of Iasta’s SmartSource paltforms looks great. Mashik Ltd. is using the platform heavly and we love the new dashboard and the contrat managment tool.
    Well done
    Eran Fastman
    VP Marketing & Purchasing Division Manager
    Mashik Ltd.

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