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Michael Lamoureux’s blog Sourcing Innovation has had a number of very creative and detailed posts lately that are good reading. Last week, he had a very “innovative” take on the 12 days of Christmas which is one of the better series of posts I have seen in the blogosphere. I recommend reading it and am mildly jealous I did not think of the idea. However, I cannot type or think as fast as Michael so I am much better off just linking to it.

Also, some time ago he outlined rather complex topics regarding optimization technology as it relates to strategic sourcing and the vendor solutions available. Specifically, he tries to breakdown the industry from the perspective of the clear market leader and innovator – CombineNet. As always, he spent extensive time and research and has a very deep understanding of the entire concept.

Post #1: CombineNet – The story

Post #2: CombineNet – Comparisons

Post #3: CombineNet – Differences

Post #4: CombineNet – Uniqueness

For more information about optimization and CombineNet, you can read their blog at CombineNotes.

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