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Experts Reveal Keys to High-Performance Outsourcing

To help answer outsourcing questions, Accenture conducted a global, cross-industry survey of 565… More

Coupa blog open for business

I do not spend much time discussing e-Procurement on E-Sourcing Forum but do want to bring attention to a new blog dedicated to the subject. Coupa seems to have had a really good launch and Dave and Noah have plenty of experience and talent to discuss e-Procurement. Right now, the content is just ramping up and I am sure will get more and more interesting over time as their experiences and products develop and mature. You can read the Coupa … More

Could Billions Be Saved By Best Practices And Supporting Technology?

Purchasing recently ran the article Billions to be saved by offshoring procurement in response to the Hackett Group’s recent press release that Offshoring of Back-Office Functions Could Generate $58 Billion in Annual Savings for Fortune 500 based on recently completed research. The article quotes that “advances in technology, along with increasingly educated global work forces, enable the portability of business support activities in areas like information technology, finance, human resources and procurement”. Furthermore, it quotes that “the average Fortune 500 … More

Supplier Relationships

In the October Issue of Inside Supply Management, Lisanne Bogle of MGM Mirage, outlines ideas for effective supplier relationships. The article requires membership but she goes beyond the expected metrics of price, quality and service. All of these are, of course, important, but there are other things to consider for establishing a win-win relationship with suppliers. Supplier Size: “Bigger is not always better” and many times the perception of the smaller vendors is unfounded and highly inaccurate. We could not … More

Geek’s v’s Process Heads

I found this article in the UK November issue of Management Today called “Why suits don’t get IT”. The article immediately grabbed me as I have long held the belief that 2 areas of a business that can so often be held in contempt are Purchasing and IT. For this reason both disciplines have much in common but rarely do they meet! I have personally seen the Purchasing Managers look of horror when discussing the possibility of tackling the desktop … More

Mind The Gap

Tapping Into … Managing Suppliers Collaborative sourcing and supplier relationship management software may both have a place in your organization, but it’s not the same place. They are two distinct approaches to managing suppliers. In order to reap the benefits of both, mind the gap — know when to keep them apart and how to bring them together. So starts the recent article Mind the Gap in the November issue of Inside Supply Management which points out that the economic … More

The week in review

I was traveling during part of this week with a broken laptop, so I missed some of the posts going on that I would have normally seen right away. Needless to say, it was an exciting week with lots of action. I raised some questions about a Hackett report on diversity sourcing which was followed on by a spirited exchange and my request for some input by Pierre Mitchell was ultimately answered, just not on ESF. BIQ and Spend Analysis … More

Procurement for High Performance

Leading organizations on the path to high performance are accelerating their global sourcing… More

Reverse auction decision tool

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how to go through the process of determining a suitable reverse auction candidate. Jean-Philippe Massin of the blog, Strategic Sourcing | Europe, even added some very good comments. To add to that topic, I wanted to pass along a link from the UK Office of Government Commerce, who has designed an Excel based reverse auction decision tool. By definition on their website, “the OGC works with public sector organisations to help … More

Multi Tier Sourcing

I found a good article on the IACCM site the other day titled Multi-Tier Sourcing Practices for Commodities Supplier Relationship Management that indicates that effective procurement strategies for increasingly scarce resources are becoming more important than ever as global price volatility and supply risks increase due to the increased demand from emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The article lays out a five step process for guaranteeing supply and containing costs for global enterprises with geographically distributed … More

Effective minority supplier strategies

“Companies wanting to expand their supplier diversity programs can do so without sacrificing savings, according to a recent report by The Hackett Group.” This begins an article recently run on It follows on by stating that, “Using a minority-owned supplier has no effect on a company’s overall performance when it comes to procurement, says Christopher Sawchuk, senior business adviser for The Hackett Group. The strategic advisory firm surveyed 50 so-called “world-class” companies with a median revenue of $7 billion … More

Academics Point to Need for Strategy Alignment

In many companies, procurement and supply have little interaction with marketing and sales. But… More

CAPS Releases Study on Global Sourcing

The drive to source globally is not slowing down; it is only increasing. The question then for… More

Procurement in EU Land

A recent article in Supply Management “EU Fires trade threat” brought me back to some earlier entries I made on this subject. It is really interesting as it states that almost all the EU’s major trading partners operate restrictive procurement practices that “discriminate against EU suppliers”. Well I must say this is definitely a case of the kettle calling the pot black! There is a plethora of evidence to suggest that members are definitely not operating open practices when it … More

Ok, I lied.

I posted something, its just on Spend Matters.