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A Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) graph

A nice way to represent what Supplier Relationship Management encompasses. Click the graph to expand.

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Best of – ESF 2007 Top 15

I took a trip in the way back machine and reviewed some of my favorite posts of 2007, which I have neatly repackaged in concentrate form here, its a mixture of good strong best practices and interesting topics: Hello World! Announcing eSourcingWiki! Two stage reverse auctions We are very, very special Issues in eSourcing: Adoption and Penetration The 7Cs Cheat Sheet Strategic Sourcing Success Factors Infosys tackles reverse auction strategy My team is on the court! Last week wrap up … More

Merry Christmas & Happy new year 2008!

I take advantage of this group-picture taken some days ago with some Capgemini fellows from all over the world at the famous and inspiring Capgemini training center “Les Fontaines” near Paris (France), to wish a merry Christmas and Happy new year to all my blog readers and especially to my 350+ regular!

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eProcurement: A lot did change since 2005…

Browsing for eProcurement news, I found the last Forrester Wave (07Q2) on BasWare website (here) , discovering by the way the sensational coming-out of BasWare which belongs nowadays amongst the happy few eProcurement market leaders.

Funny enough, I found back the eProcurement Forrester Wave from 04Q4. As you can see, Commerce One was already gone […]

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Survey Says: Only One in Five CFOs See Procurement Contributing to Competitiveness

CPOs and CFOs are on the same page, but speak a different language, Aberdeen Group reports; call for open communication, visibility and goal alignment More

Holiday break

Just to give a little heads up for readers of ESF…I will be recharging the batteries from here on out, so there will not be daily updates again until January 2. I might put up a few things but nothing that cannot be caught up on, in the new year. Thanks for all the comments, accolades and help from every one out there. In 2007, we launched eSourcing Wiki, which has steadily increased in traffic. This is mainly due to … More

New website live

I charged forward on a new corporate website for Iasta last week. We have some big plans to “break out” in 2008, which I believe we are perfectly positioned to do. One thing that needed to be addressed was our imaging. I would appreciate comments, either public or private. Thanks!

Sustainable Procurement is a top 3 priority for European CPOs

A European survey 2007 on “Responsible Purchasing” (involving 300 CPO) has just been released, published by HEC Business School, EcoVadis and Ariba. The objective of the survey was (read my former post) to identify the ‘tools’ which will help the better an organization to make Sustainable Procurement practices a reality. The report is worth […]

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Making the Gartner Grade for 2008

Although I try to refrain from discussing Iasta or the Iasta solutions in this forum (as we have an entire website for that), I was pleased to notice that when reviewing Gartner’s 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008 (as reviewed in CRM Today), we’re already there with respect to at least four of the technologies and planning to be there with respect to five more in 2008. Furthermore, meeting these technology requirements has almost nothing to do with the specific sourcing … More

IBX is riding high. Question mark for cc-hubwoo…

IBX undisclosed its 07Q4 newsletter and confirmed its ambition to reach 34M€ revenue at year-end, as forecasted initially. Wow, this is a great, impressive and steady two-digit growth rate for 2007. Have a look at the graph below, it might speak to you more than any word.

On the other side and in the meantime (sept. […]

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Building a Successful Strategic Sourcing Program for Indirect Materials

In breathing life into its indirect sourcing efforts, medical devices leader Respironics is relying on internal change agents and external expertise More

Value Proposition Procurement Model in New Hackett Research

Hackett’s newest research presents a five-stage model for developing your procurement… More

Sourcing Innovation breaks down eRFX, eAuctions and optimization (and 10 other days)

The Doctor, who runs Sourcing Innovation blog, is never short on heavy hitting analysis. I particularly like when he takes on topics in eSourcing (big surprise). Last week, he had an in depth breakdown of the core functionality that most think of for eSourcing –eRFx/eAuctions. Additionally, you will notice his theme of the 12 days of X-emplification and there are others days which have great information on topics such as spend analysis and contract management. From his prologue, Michael sets … More

10 Keys to Success post-merger

I find the topic of Fortune 1000 M&A interesting because we have over 125 customers, and in any given year, it seems like 5-10% of them go through a major structural change, as a result of a merger with another massive company. Many times there are conflicting technology directions that exist, which must we worked out. Generally, one company is tasked with the lead on these decisions. Some of the best results I have seen, exist when the decisions are … More

Strategies for Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is the optimization of both the availability and cost of capital within a buyer-centric supply chain. The availability and cost of capital is usually optimized through the aggregation, integration, packaging, and utilization of all of the relevant information generated in the supply chain in conjunction with cost analysis, cost management, and various supply chain finance strategies. A Supply Chain Finance Solution, in comparison, is a combination of trade financing provided by a financial institution, a third-party vendor, … More