Choosing an eSourcing platform

In my review of the CapGemini SRM Solution Analyses, I ran across a group of recommendations that they suggest for choosing the proper application for your team. All of these are sound suggestions, when using a high level broad criteria set:

Allocate sufficient high quality resource: Build a strong, multi-disciplined project team, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Consider using temporary staff to relieve key project members of conflicting workload pressures.

Agree clear objectives and benefits: Define the project objectives and the business benefits that you wish to achieve from the selection process.

Improve your business processes and achieve Quick Wins: Selecting new systems provides you with the opportunity to access new system functionality and new methods of working. Work with the system experts to develop improved future state processes and identify Quick Wins for your business.

Ensure senior level sponsorship to make the tough decisions quickly: Throughout the selection process there are milestones that will require strong and timely decision making skills. This should be provided by senior level project sponsorship within the overall project team structure.

Analyse software vendor’ viability: We believe in investigating the vendors’ viability and credibility in their specific market. Financial viability, available resources and experience in those markets are all important areas to review.

Try before you buy, conduct package walkthroughs: Before signing of contracts, we recommend that key users have the opportunity to validate the choice of package and to gain hands-on experience of the software, allowing you to raise issues with the supplier prior to a contractual commitment.

Align your systems to your business strategy: Select new systems that are going to support your business plans and align with your overall IS strategy.

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