Burger King to begin Humane Sourcing Program

According to Nations Restaurant News, Burger King has begun implementing a new program designed to reduce animal cruelty. (No link as NRN locks down all content).

“Controversy over whether animals are being raised humanely for human consumption has escalated with a pledge by Burger King to phase in purchases of pork and eggs for its breakfast sandwiches from suppliers that do not confine pigs and chickens in crates or cages. The world’s second-largest hamburger chain said it would start buying 10 percent of its pork from suppliers that don’t use gestation crates. BK also said it plans to purchase 2 percent of its eggs from suppliers that have eliminated cages, which typically hold from four to six laying hens.”

These are pretty small numbers in percentages but very large in raw numbers from a company like Burger King. I think it must be assumed that BK is bearing the cost of this decision, which is representing the relatively low numbers. Unlike “Green Sourcing”, which many times over has proven to reduce costs and improve the environment, Humane Sourcing is more about social conscience. I commend BK for the decision. Now, if only the Atlanta Falcons could source a new Quarterback to replace Ron Mexico.

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  1. Thanks for the links, Tony!

  2. This is good news and a good start. I hope other major chains will follow suit.

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