In other news…

I received 240 emails from Aberdeen this week. Well, that is a slight exaggeration but it cannot be far off. Since I blog and discuss Aberdeen research frequently, I feel like I should have some say in how they interact with their community. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter and I will say it any way. Maybe the rumors of leadership change will result in a shake up in the spammer department too?

My sideline recommendation for Aberdeen: categorize email correspondence by relevant topic and allow recipients to select which categories they are contacted about. I had the same complaint about Reuters and they made significant improvements to their filtering. I know this can be done because 1) I am in (and understand) technology and 2) they already categorize topics. I do not need any more emails about RFID or Call Center Infrastructure.

Aberdeen does the best job of covering supply management but the message is getting washed out in the non-stop brow beating. To quote my friend, Tony: “That’s just my opinion, but maybe I’m paying too much.”

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