The Prodigal Son Returns

Maybe not that extreme, but for those of us that have been around this industry for a long time, it is news to hear that Orville Bailey has returned to the procurement applications market. Orville has joined on at Vinimaya and is working along with Gary Hare again. For those that do not remember the wild days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Orville broke out of the GE team (that later formed FreeMarkets) and helped found TPN Register and later launched B2eMarkets, which was eventually acquired by Verticalnet, which is now an Italian cement company (just kidding, relax).

These two guys are great to talk to and have limitless stories about the genesis of eSourcing while at their GE days with Glen Meakem. Orville and Gary are always brimming with ideas for the next generation of functionality and I have been trying to talk Orville into sharing some of ideas regularly here on eSourcing Forum.

Stay tuned to hear more from him soon and hopefully it will be here. You have been publicly outed Orville, come on in!

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