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New Products. New Companies. And…Finding Humor in All Situations. 3 Great Reasons to Look Forward to What 2009 Has in Store

2008 Best of Spend Matters — Saving & Sourcing in the Downturn

This time last year we were wondering if the economy would get much worse. I trust that the following posts were helpful in 2008 and believe that they’re well worth considering for 2009:

China: Think Localization, Not Just Global Sourcing

Do …


The Presidential Inaugural Committee Requests the Honor of Your Presence… by Way of Copper and Steel

Reported in the New York Times, New York-based printing firm Precise Continental was awarded to make the million invitations for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Engraving was the type of printing by which the invitation’s design was incised into the surface of a hard plate, traditionally copper, by a hardened steel chisel called a […] More

Cheers to Your 2009 Sustainability Plan

2008 wraps up

This will be the last post for the year. December for us was a microcosm of the rest of the year with everything going in warp speed. In fact, it was definitely even more than the rest of the year. 2009 will begin soon and should present many new challenges for for vendors and practitioners a like. Conditions right now are like a 100 year flood and everything should be deeply analyzed for sourcing opportunities. I thing I plan to … More

Spend Matters New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of economy — economy of words that is — I’ll keep my Spend Matters New Year’s Resolutions brief. So here goes. My first Spend Matters resolution for the New Year is to cover technology providers more closely and in greater depth — bu…


“Metals Mistakes” and Obama’s New Science Advisor

Barack Obama’s new science advisor should take a break from gambling — because past bets already proved that he’s “spectacularly wrong” about issues in his field, according to New York Times blogger John Tierney. A recent post on TierneyLab Blog blasts John P. Holdren, the freshly-announced science advisor, expressing concern over his infamous bet against […] More

The LCCS Success Factors

Author: John Kamauff, PhD, Principal, Archstone Consulting, and Robert Spekman, PhD, Tayloe Professor of Business, University of Virginia
Low-cost country sourcing is, of course, about cost – but it’s not all about costs. Product quality and reliability of delivery are part of the equat… More

The Wit & Wisdom of the SpendFool 2008

2009 Global Supply Chain Predictions- Part Two

This is the time of year when many blogs, industry analysts and media reporters comment on their outlooks and predictions for the upcoming year.  In my previous Part One post, I shared for Supply Chain Matters readers the first three of my five 2009 predictions for global supply chains. In this post, I will share […] More

2008 Best of Spend Matters — SAP & Oracle

As Spend Matters? readers know well, SAP and Oracle related subject matter has gotten a lot of ink (or pixels as the case may be) in 2008. The following list includes some of the most popular postings:

Sapphire Dispatch 4 — The SAP E-Sourcing R…


Bribery Tops List as Number One Risk Concern of Global Companies for 2009

Supply chain integrity, economic downturn drive fundamental shift of concerns for New Year, Integrity Interactive study finds More

714 Metal Orbs + Vision = Moving Experience of Art

Media design and development firm ART+COM created a high-tech installation for the BMW Museum which opened in June 2008 in Munich, Germany. Involving mechatronics, the precisely moving sculpture is a “metaphorical representation” of the the automotive design process from concept to final form. From the artwork’s details: “714 metal spheres, individually controllable with millimetre accuracy; […] More

Supplier Insight That Counts: Panjiva Aims High (Part 2)

Earlier in the month, I posted an initial blog entry on Panjiva, a new global sourcing tool that aggregates shipping manifest information to provide insight into global suppliers. As Josh Green pointed out to me when they spoke, their core competenc…


China’s Latest Affect on the Aluminum Market

China might hold a large slice of the world’s aluminum pie, serving as the metal’s largest producer and consumer on the international market, but China’s control is starting to hurt the market. Recent troubles in the worldwide economy have plagued aluminum more than any other metal, and a recent aluminum “stimulus package” in China won’t help […] More