China vs. Mexico – Where to Go for Metal Parts and Assemblies? (Part 2)

This weekend we had a chance to catch up with a partner of ours, German Dominguez, who is based out of Juarez, Mexico. German sources parts on behalf of American companies. This is Part Two of a Two Part interview. You can read Part One here.

Question: Based on your success it might appear as though Mexico is starting to gain the edge over China. Is that the case?
Answer: Out of my personal experience, it has taken me two years to gain the trust of my supply base so now my suppliers really work hard to try to win a new project. That 100% margin that they used to quote is now between 15-20% so that I can secure the business. Because of these relationships, the partnership if you will, my suppliers are much more competitive than they were previously. (more…)

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