Procurement Solutions Expo

At Procurement Solutions, in between presentations.

Some notes:

1. It’s a bewildering exhibition. From carpet tiles to legal services via tablet PCs. Too broad I think.

2. The TradingPartners blue bouncy balls are a big hit. With everyone picking them up for their kids/grandkids, I am predicting a surge in demand for TradingPartners services in about 30 years.

3. I was reading in Public Sector Procurement magazine about Zanzibar (the UK Public Sector eProcurement system) that Zanzibar has recently added RFQ processes. Before this, everything I have seen from the OGCbs has kept “procurement” separate from “sourcing”. Looks like this move by Zanzibar challenges that distinction. It will be interesting to see if ProcServe (the company behind Zanzibar) make a move on the eSourcing framework when it comes up for renewal.

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