What Your Future Sourcing Boss Wants To Know – Part II

In Part I of this series, I stressed the importance of communicating to a hiring manager exactly how you really achieved the cost savings that you claimed on your resume. In this installment, I’ll focus on another question that is on the mind of the hiring manager: “How well did you relate to your internal customers?”

Sourcing managers know that sourcing teams are positioned differently in different organizations. Some sourcing organizations are powerful within their organizations while others are lower on the political food chain. So they want to know how you will fit into their particular organizational culture.

If you’ve come from a relatively powerful sourcing organization, hiring managers in less powerful sourcing organizations may have concerns about how you will interface with their internal customers. Will you treat sourcing decisions with the kid-glove care that’s needed? Will you be adept at building consensus and inspiring compliance? Will you be sure to involve end users so that they feel ownership of the decisions and actually support them? Or will you be a bull in the proverbial china shop?

It is a risk to hire someone that could be a political time bomb. So give the hiring manager comfort by asking questions about the organizational culture and how sourcing fits in. Then, share real-life stories of how you were successful at working with internal customers and cross-functional teams in a similar environment.

The more that you demonstrate that you understand how to harmoniously and effectively work with internal customers, the better your chances of getting the job.

Stay tuned for Part III.

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