What Your Future Sourcing Boss Wants To Know – Part III

In Part I of this series, I stressed the importance of justifying your cost savings claims to a hiring manager. In Part II, I stressed the importance of demonstrating that you can work harmoniously and effectively with internal customers. In this last installment, I’ll focus on one more question that is on the mind of the hiring manager: “What was your track record with managing supply risk?”

In many organizations, continuity of supply is a make-or-break proposition. If supply is disrupted, the organization fails.

Unfortunately, many sourcing professionals were brought up in a culture that has “cost savings tunnel vision” – a mindset where they think that the only metric that matters is cost savings. Yes, cost savings will always be important, but making decisions based on cost alone to the exclusion of supplier performance or supply risk considerations is amateurish. Sophisticated hiring managers want to weed out these amateurs.

So what did you do to prevent supply disruption? Did you ever experience a supply disruption and, if so, what did you do to minimize the negative impact? What did you learn from the supply disruption and what will you do to prevent a similar situation from happening again?

Powerful, real-life stories that demonstrate your experience in these areas will differentiate you from other candidates. Have your stories prepared before going into the interview.

So that concludes this series. I hope that if you are one of the many victims of today’s shaky economy that these posts help get you back in the proverbial saddle quickly.

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