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Exciting New Vistas Await the PI Window on Business Show in 2010

With the New Year now just a few short hours away, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about a number of the exciting additions to the PI Window on Business Show for 2010.  To those of our readers who are in the world of procurement and supply chain practice, we will also […] More

Best of Spend Matters: Readers’ Picks

Many thanks to you, Readers, for helping Spend Matters be the success it is. Here are some of the posts you enjoyed the most in 2009, judging by the number of hits. Thanks for a great 2009; we look forward to continuing to be your Spend resource in 2…


Best of Spend Matters: Invoice Automation/EIPP

Amex: No Safe Harbor

Pay it Forward — Quantifying Payables and Invoice Automation Returns…


Our 2009-2010 Perspectives for the Supply Chain Matters Blog

It is just about time to ring in the New Year.  This is a time to reflect upon the past and turn the focus toward the future.  I do hope that you are enjoying reading both our reflections on supply chain events 2009 as well as the 2010 Predictions series running both this and next […] More

France to Unlock “Dirty” Oil Under Paris With Texan Help

It will be interesting to see how the environmentally sensitive French react to the widespread use of the controversial hydraulic drilling technology known as “fracking” on their home turf. Toreador…

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Supply Chain Matters 2010 Predictions- Part Three

In Part One, and Part Two of this series of linked postings, we shared the first three of five predictions for 2010.  In this posting, we outline our fourth prediction.
Prediction Four:  Supply chain technology deployment will remain tactically focused, with continued leveraging power favoring buyers.  The year will also feature more adoption of “cloud” computing.
A […] More

Best of Spend Matters: More Services Procurement

More BOSM on this subject, because we understand that it’s a hot topic. In fact, rumor has it that the next-generation iPhone will have an app for this: press the appropriate icon, and a team of contingent workers will arrive at your door within an h…


Test Your Procurement Skills: Find the One Word Death Trap

A supplier recently tried to get the following indemnification provision past one of my staff.  I’m always preaching that contracts should contain identifiable remedies for specified breaches.  If you don’t include identifiable breaches, and … More

Military Budget to Drive Metals Innovations

The Senate passed the $636 billion Department of Defense appropriations bill this week that includes millions of dollars for military-related projects that will either consume metals or improve the…

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Ode to the SpendFool

Traditionally, Sourcing Innovation would chronicle the wit and wisdom of the SpendFool on December 31, but ever since he announced his departure in the seventh comment to a post on SpendMatters last year, he’s been quiet. As a result, there are no com… More

How Tiger Could Have Made Better Use of Spend Management Technology (Part 2) ?

Dear Readers: Here is the another installment from Jason “Ladies Man Wannabe” Busch. Jason’s wife, MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman, just sent me a digital photo from the cruise, showing Jason posing with Minnie Mouse, a nervous smile on his face. Now, Jas…


Best of Spend Matters Guest Posts: Lisa Reisman

Friday Rant: Apple’s Sustainability Bigots — Lies, Damn Lies and Green Statistics …


Best of Spend Humor: The Purchasing Blues

White-collar white boys singing the blues in Docksiders — I need 20 cc’s of ethnic, STAT!
Seriously, this is a very funny, very clever post. Enjoy! –Joy

Friday Rant: Spend Matters Idol — “The Purchasing Blues”…


Use Your Data Analysis System to Analyze Your Green Data and Save Money

As I noted in my recent post on Why You Need Visibility, if you put an energy meter inside a home and show people total usage in real time, a miraculous thing will happen: they will use about 10% less energy. And, more importantly, you can use this be… More

The Implications of the Falling U.S. Dollar

While checking-in on Twitter before the holidays, MfgCrunch alerted to a Washington Post article, Dollar’s decline a boon for U.S. manufacturers.  (free sign-up account required)  The article reinforces what most procurement sourcing professionals already know, that the weak U.S. dollar is helping U.S. manufacturers to win back business previously lost to other global competitors.  This […] More