Taking The “Air” out of Packaging

Have you ever considered taking the air or reconfiguring your current packaging?

Many companies do not take the time to analyze their current packaging of finished product once the product has been prepared for the end-user.

Many times I have walked through distribution warehouse centers and simply picked up a master carton of blister carded product and gave it a real good shake it’s amazing how much wasted space is in that carton.

Think about it, air probably makes up 10 to 15% of the carton contents along with the blister carded product and serves absolutely no purpose other than taking up excess space.

Multiply that carton by how many other cartons are stored on that skid with the 10 to 15% of excess air contained in the package and overall you may have 75% product 25% air stacked in a single bin location.

Excess air in packaging results in higher warehouse storage costs, increased classification of product for carrier tender equals higher transportation costs, plus out of spec carton configurations results in higher component costs.

In the grocery industry many consumers will start seeing new package configurations for many of their favorite cereals and snacks, manufacturers of these products are developing ways of reducing size and packaging costs by reconfiguring packaging and ensuring product integrity.

It is important for manufacturing to periodically review and evaluate current packaging of their product, in order to determine if costs and distribution in transportation are being maximized and are not storing excess air in the packaging.

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  2. All is well I wrote the blog……lol

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