Utilizing outside warehousing and distribution with new acquisitions

2010 should bring a flurry of new acquisitions with many established companies looking to expand product lines and increase growth within the organization.

Of these companies looking to expand through acquisition, raising capital expense to fund the newly acquired business unit will be a challenging experience in ramping-up operations with manufacturing and warehousing distribution.

Many companies will be looking to outside warehousing and distribution ( 3PL’s ) assistance in order to compensate the need to either add-on to a existing building or to reorganize a current floor plan.

It makes perfect sense when acquiring a new business unit to have the flexibility of outside warehousing and distribution. With all the challenges the current organization has with product line simplification, product integrity, customer retention and merging of operations and customer service the 3PL can add much value to the company but lending it’s expertise in distribution challenges.

Having the flexibility and an open working communication with the outside warehouse and distribution facility allows valuable time to evaluate and streamline the newly acquired business unit or product line.

The organization can now grow and nurture the new product line or reduce the number of SKU and not have it interfere with the current core business.

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  1. This is great news for me – I provide 3pl services… .but I have empty warehouse space – how do I find the companies that need my services?

  2. Evadne, Please provide me with your contact information through my website http://www.disantoandassociates.com

  3. Hi,

    My firm also provide flex-warehousing, fulfillment, and freight and small parcel distribution through a network of 20+ DC’s in the USA/Hawaii, and Canada. What is the best to become registered for your forum so that i could assist companies looking for these types of services

  4. my company provides flex warehousing and distribution we do the trucking . please provide information or forms we need to fill out. thankyou for your help greg.

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