Showing Thanks to Your Suppliers

Have you ever considered that Thanksgiving might be the perfect time of the year to think about how to get valued suppliers more involved in helping your business succeed?  Setting up an awards program that recognizes your supplier’s accomplishments, business improvements and future initiatives is an excellent way to show your gratitude. Supplier award programs help solidify your relationship, drive motivation and make the supplier feel like they are a critical contributor to your team.

One of our clients, a global medical device company, recently recognized Iasta as one of its top three “Suppliers of the Year.”  This honor was given to us as a result of our efforts to drive efficiency and cost savings across the organization.

I had the opportunity to accept this award on behalf of Iasta. It was truly an honor to be at the award ceremony. I was given the opportunity to talk about Iasta, what we do for the global organization and how we have expanded our program to new key business units across the company. The ceremony took place over lunch, which was delicious, and during that time, the company told a story about each of the winners and why they won.

More importantly, our client invited a guest speaker a patient whose life was changed by the technology the company developed.  This speaker was a second grade teacher with heart disease, and technology provided by our client helped save her life. She shared that her father had the same heart issue and died because there wasn’t this type of advanced technology on the marketplace. She has been heart happy and healthy for the last nine years. Because of the heart stint, she has lived to see her grandchildren grow older and she tries to pay it forward by helping with organizations educating and raising funds for heart disease.

Her story was and is inspiring. It really put into perspective the impact all of us (suppliers) have on a supply chain. Together, we positively made a difference to help save a woman’s life.

To all of those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a safe and happy holiday!

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