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Happy Holidays from Iasta!

On behalf of the team at Iasta, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! We are very thankful to have your readership and look forward to covering even more great topics and industry news in 2013. Have a safe and happy New Year!

End-User Computing Levers Can Help You Manage Costs

Now that you’ve signed the contract, is your organization experiencing higher than anticipated end-user computing (EUC) and device growth? How is your service provider reacting to your demand? Have you been surprised by a different charging model to manage the growth? Are the business case benefits beginning to erode? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the following Top 5 ideas will help you get your EUC under control. 1. Work with your service provider to leverage your … More

Setting the Table for Many … Service Providers, That Is

The sourcing environment has become intensely complex with every type of operational service potentially being outsourced, shared sourced, or retained and squeezed in every direction to increase productivity and profit line contribution. And all of this is complicated by multiple providers who must somehow work effectively together. Managing business requirements (demand) and service providers (supply) in an integrated fashion is one of the greatest management challenges facing today’s executives. Three common failings can easily trip up service integration: the lack … More

Leadership vs. Management in Procurement: Part 2

Welcome back. Just joining us? Click here to read Part 1. Procurement managers have an important role to fill in the organization – particularly given how critical talent management is today. An effective manager has to bring in the right staff, ensure that individual and across-the-board skills gaps are filled, and retain resources once an investment has been made in their capabilities. They are also responsible for putting together a plan that supports procurement’s efforts to meet performance targets and … More

Leadership vs. Management in Procurement: Part 1

I recently attended an event on procurement salary trends that included some tips for negotiating purchasing salaries. The negotiation advice was given by Robert Menard (CPP), a trainer and author who focuses on negotiation, purchasing, sales, and communication issues. In addition to some really great tips (for instance, if you don’t negotiate your own salary, what kind of impression are you giving the company that will expect you to negotiate on their behalf should you get the job?), Robert provided … More

Is Your Mega-Outsourcing Contract Renewal Closer Than You Think?

The renewal of a major second generation outsourcing contract presents an interesting dilemma. Changing service providers, especially one that manages a large part of your operations, is never easy, even in the best of circumstances. The incumbency factor, shrinkage in your retained organization, the limited internal capability depth and the need to devote management bandwidth to a huge transition, all while keeping the lights on, would give pause to most organizations. If your incumbent has at least earned a “first … More

Measuring Success: Actual eSourcing KPIs

During the hustle and bustle of this year’s eWorld Purchasing & Supply seminar in London, attendees had the chance to tuck-in and listen to Michael Van Keulen, Senior Procurement Manager for VF Corporation, give his insights on eSourcing best practices. Not having the chance to attend this Iasta sponsored talk in person; I was able to watch his entire presentation on Iasta’s YouTube page, IastaInc. In one specific segment, Michael strikes a chord with the audience while talking about eSourcing … More

November Monthly Payback Feature: Josh Miles

Who is Josh Miles? Josh Miles is a self-proclaimed caffeine and Twitter addict. Professionally, he is the principal and founder of Miles Design, LLC where his role consists of driving brand strategy, business development, and firm-wide marketing. Earlier this year, Josh authored the new Content Marketing Institute book, Bold Brand: The New Rules for Differentiating, Branding, and Marketing Your Professional Services Firm. Let’s learn more about Josh… On Following Your Dream “I’ve been drawing and doing art since I was … More

Iasta & Forrester Discuss How to Empower Your CPO With Business Intelligence

Often, procurement teams like yours are required to pull data from many unlinked systems. As you know, data in silos of disparate systems is useless. Therefore, teams find themselves lacking the information and insight to implement data-driven business decisions that the CPO and other executives are demanding. Let’s review a few scenarios that might sound a little too familiar…and if they do, be sure to register for our live Webinar with Forrester on Thursday, December 6 at 11 AM EST. … More

Procurement in Q4: Six weeks and counting until the quarter closes

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many procurement groups are looking at their performance metrics for the year. For procurement groups that haven’t quite hit their savings targets, December 31st is an unwelcome but inevitable date looming on the horizon. Before you resign yourself to your current savings numbers, there might be some things you can do in the last weeks of the year to improve your position. Although there is not enough time left to run additional … More

Beef Up Your Data Protection Strategy to Match Business Needs

Events such as the 9/11 attacks and the tsunami in Japan have caused many organizations to reassess their overall data protection strategies for data backup and recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity, as well as long-term retention and security of their data. However, most business downtime is caused not by catastrophic events or major natural disasters but by hardware failures, data loss, power outages or UPS failures, network outages, security breaches, human error and application failures. Here are the Top … More

How to Accomplish a Pareto Analysis in Microsoft Excel

When examining spend, the most effective way to start is at the top. This method will expose categories with the most savings opportunity because more savings are reaped from higher spend. A lot of corporate spend falls into only a select few categories. For example, a company may have 80% of its spend going to Financial Services, IT, and Published Products. A good spend analysis product should display a Pareto Analysis within each category in its reporting suite. From there, … More

Four Challenges Procurement Teams Face When Implementing Spend Analysis

Using a spend analysis solution allows you to uncover the hidden potential lying within your data. You can empower your team with business intelligence to make discoveries that can quickly grow your sourcing pipeline. However, procurement teams implementing a spend analysis solution often have to overcome challenges and roadblocks before they gain greater influence and spend under management with the tool. Below are four challenges procurement organizations face when implementing a spend analysis solution: Lack of Spend Understanding: Often, spend … More

The Legend of Sourcing Hollow: The Headless CPO

The Headless Horsemen is one of the most famous paranormal figures from American literature. In celebration of Halloween today, I’ve decided to put a sourcing spin on this folk tale. Enjoy! One evening, a buyer was working late in the office of Sourcing Hollow. The air was cold and crisp. “The heater is probably going out again,” The Buyer said as he shivered and reached for his sweater. The Buyer was frantically flipping and searching through spreadsheets, supplier emails, and … More

Monthly Payback: Jane Rimmer of hiviz-marketing Speaks About Making Your Own Luck

On Luck Jane Rimmer, owner of hiviz-marketing, is a firm believer in making your own luck. “I believe you make your own luck,” Jane said. “But I also believe I have been lucky by being in the right place, at the right time. My experience at a couple of large technology companies provided me with the financial stability and industry connections to launch my own company.” On Business Principles Jane comes from more than 25 years of IT marketing and … More