Adam Becker, Sales Director of Tinderbox, Shares Advice on Becoming a Successful Sales Leader

“Having graduated with a degree in Art and Physics, I do not come from a traditional business education,” said Adam Becker, Sales Director of Tinderbox. “However, I have pulled advice from my personal experiences and interactions that have proven to be invaluable as I have grown in my career. The first and most important lesson I natively inherited from my mom, who is also an artist, is to ALWAYS have a critical eye when viewing your work. I remember doing some of my best work in college and she would look at it and say ‘that’s interesting.’ Her feedback would lead into areas of the piece regarding how it could function better as a whole.”

After years of seeking feedback and using a critical eye, Adam said he learned two valuable lessons:

1. Allow yourself to admit that any work you do, be it business or personal, is never going to be perfect.

2. Whether it was success or failure, you need to be open to advice regarding areas of improvement.

“Today I put this into practice by evaluating nearly every interaction that I have with a potential customer or partner,” Adam said.

When his team wins a deal, they sit down and evaluate questions such as:
•    Why did we win?
•    How could we shorten the sales cycle?
•    How could we have increased the perception of value?
•    How can all of lead to an increase in the overall contract amount?

Adam and his team follow the same questions and process when they lose a deal.

“There is always something to learn,” Adam said. “Following this win-loss process also helps me put everything into perspective. Even when you lose a deal, you can gain knowledge around how to win it next time. The only way you can truly fail is if you don’t do it!”

Regarding his selling style, Adam considers himself a relational seller.

“I firmly believe that people buy from people,” Adam said. “You don’t always need the best widget in the marketplace. If you can do a better job at convincing the buyer that you will make your widget work better for them, then the relationship will trump. To earn the relationship, you have to earn the trust, which is built by doing simple things such as showing up to meetings on time, delivering answers or content to them when you say you are going to, and showing factual information to back up any claims you make. Once you have the relationship, that internal coach will leverage their internal resources to gain the buy-in you need.”

Adam seeks inspiration from Yoda to guide his career: “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”

“The most successful individuals I know are creators,” Adam added. “They make action happen. They proactively engage with people around them and consistently strive to be better.”

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