The Legend of Sourcing Hollow: The Headless CPO

The Headless Horsemen is one of the most famous paranormal figures from American literature. In celebration of Halloween today, I’ve decided to put a sourcing spin on this folk tale. Enjoy!

One evening, a buyer was working late in the office of Sourcing Hollow. The air was cold and crisp.

“The heater is probably going out again,” The Buyer said as he shivered and reached for his sweater.

The Buyer was frantically flipping and searching through spreadsheets, supplier emails, and multiple data systems to prepare for a large office supply sourcing project. At midnight, he heard a loud screeching sound as the corner office door slowly opened.

The Buyer was nervous about who would be prowling down the hallway toward him. The Headless CPO was known to walk the halls late at night when the office was empty.

The Buyer’s hands were sweating as he typed on the keyboard.

BANG! Another loud noise echoed through the building.

The Buyer then heard loud footsteps creeping toward him. He stopped typing, but the only sound he heard was his own heart pounding with fear. Few people have seen The Headless CPO. And even fewer people have returned after a meeting with him.

People complained that The Headless CPO did not accept constructive feedback or suggestions for improvement. All the buyers had been desperately pleading for an eSourcing and spend analysis tool to streamline their processes and enable them to hit their aggressive cost-savings targets.

Would The Buyer be faced to speak up to The Headless CPO?

What data could he provide him?

What business case could he use?

What solutions would he offer?

As the footsteps came closer, The Buyer suddenly remembered the content he received from Iasta. The whitepapers, the data sheets, the analyst research, and the proposal – all created specifically for strategic sourcing and spend intelligence, giving him a roadmap for how to help the CPO hit his targets (and how to make himself a purchasing hero).

For the first time, he let out a sigh of relief. Then, The Buyer started putting together his presentation for the eSourcing and spend analysis presentation. Once and for all, he was going to fight for what he needed and believed in. The Buyer waited for a good hour until The Headless CPO disappeared and then made his way home.

On the drive home, The Buyer made up his mind to never stay at the office late enough to encounter the Headless CPO.

“Tomorrow, I’ll present my business plan to our key stakeholders.”

Whatever the reason, The Headless CPO continues to roam the halls of Sourcing Hollow on dark nights from that day to this. But now that The Buyer and his purchasing team have the tools and services to be more efficient and strategic, no one is ever there to cross his path.

Still quiet

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