Iasta & Forrester Discuss How to Empower Your CPO With Business Intelligence

Often, procurement teams like yours are required to pull data from many unlinked systems. As you know, data in silos of disparate systems is useless. Therefore, teams find themselves lacking the information and insight to implement data-driven business decisions that the CPO and other executives are demanding. Let’s review a few scenarios that might sound a little too familiar…and if they do, be sure to register for our live Webinar with Forrester on Thursday, December 6 at 11 AM EST.

Scenario #1: When your CPO requests contract expiration dates for underperforming suppliers in a certain country, do you have the tools to quickly access that information?

Scenario #2: Your CPO wants to know what projects are in your sourcing pipeline, business unit performance, sourcing team efficiency, and savings reports. Is that data all available to you in one dynamic, associated dashboard?

Scenario #3: You have received an executive order to ensure you are only working with highest performing suppliers. Do you have performance data to bring to the table during supplier negotiations or sourcing events?

If you answered “NO” to one or more of these questions, you’ll benefit from our upcoming Webinar featuring Liz Herbert from analyst firm Forrester, “How to Empower Your CPO with Business Intelligence: Using Data to Drive Better Business Decisions.” Liz will discuss:

  • the state of the BI market today
  • industry insights for the coming year
  • success stories
  • common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a business intelligence solution

In addition, you’ll learn how Iasta Executive Analytics Suite can create gravity around your CPO and other business units to improve visibility into your sourcing projects and connect all your data together in a centralized location. Through a blend of knowledge, innovation, and strategic services– learn how Iasta helps you become a purchasing hero by developing KPIs, establishing milestones, and communicating on executive strategy.

Click here to register for the Webinar, “How to Empower Your CPO With Business Intelligence: Using Data to Drive Better Business Decisions” on Thursday, December 6 at 11 am EST. Speaker information and learning objectives can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

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