Leadership vs. Management in Procurement: Part 1

I recently attended an event on procurement salary trends that included some tips for negotiating purchasing salaries. The negotiation advice was given by Robert Menard (CPP), a trainer and author who focuses on negotiation, purchasing, sales, and communication issues.

In addition to some really great tips (for instance, if you don’t negotiate your own salary, what kind of impression are you giving the company that will expect you to negotiate on their behalf should you get the job?), Robert provided a reminder to make sure the salary is commensurate with the responsibilities of the position. In all disciplines, management and leadership require more effort and should be appropriately compensated.

There is no question that Robert is right – salaries should be higher for professionals with ‘human capital’ responsibilities. The thought provoking part of his statement is the differentiation between leadership and management and how that relates to procurement roles today.

So, what is the difference?

Which are you more interested in?

And which is your current employer looking for?

The combined answers to these questions may be the key to your career trajectory in the coming year – at least in your current position. Share your thoughts below in the comment box and stay tuned for Part 2 when we take a deeper dive into procurement manager’s role in the organization.

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