Vote for Visibility: Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance

How are you using procurement data and insight to bring teams together? Procurement and data can dance (and sing) together if you have the proper tools, processes, and strategy in place to support your goals and growth initiatives. More importantly, you need the confidence to build strong internal relationships.

What does it take to let the dancing and singing begin? Join Spend Matters, AOL, and Iasta for a live Webinar on Wednesday, March 27 to learn:

  • A history of spend analysis in under one minute
  • Ways to use procurement analytics to track savings, performance by business unit, ROI, and project cycle time
  • How to create a real presence in your organization by taking ownership of your data
  • The individualized approach to making procurement “healthy”- Napoleon Dynamite should not train like Michael Phelps, and the same goes for companies

Worried at overcoming resource constraints and talent gaps? Don’t worry – AOL shares how they overcame similar challenges and hit exciting milestones that you don’t want to miss!

So, are you ready to embrace evangelism and learn how you can bring all your teams together? If so, join us tomorrow for our live Webinar, “Vote for Visibility” Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance.”

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