A New Procurement Calls for a New Kind of Purchasing Hero

Despite the challenging circumstances of today’s economic environment, you must embrace change in order to support shifting external environments and business strategies. At the same time, you look for opportunities to capitalize on disruptive changes in supply markets, which can drive greater value for your organization.

You must become a purchasing hero.

What is a purchasing hero? We believe a purchasing hero brings knowledge capital to multiple departments. They inspire collaboration and cross-coordinate with as many internal stakeholders as possible. They transform and adopt the methods, tools, and processes that create best-in-class procurement organizations.

With a competitive market and continuing changes in Procurement, do you have what it takes to become a purchasing hero?

Like any great superhero, a purchasing hero must have a secret weapon. Iasta Executive Analytics Suite can be your secret weapon – delivering Executive-level reporting and providing the best technology to display intelligence to drive informed business decisions. In addition to a secret weapon, you must possess similar characteristics of a superhero:

  • Unmatched Knowledge and Business Intelligence: Through your tools and other super powers, you’ll be provided with the sourcing knowledge and technical expertise to make helpful, meaningful, and predictive reporting from previously empty data that’s sitting in disparate systems. This knowledge gained makes for purposeful identification of KPIs and milestones. You will have one view of truth for the entire organization.

Possessing these characteristics can help you become a purchasing hero in this new world of procurement. Curious what other Iasta purchasing heroes are doing to meet the demands of today’s world and economy? Listen to how Cherlyn Decker (Procurement Director, AOL) hit 100% adoption of 9 business units within one year, which increased the year-over-year project portfolio by 235% from the previous year. I don’t want to steal all of Cherlyn’s thunder, so watch the On-Demand Webinar to hear AOL’s story, strategies, and successes.

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