Myers-Briggs for Procurement, Part 2: Extraversion and Introversion

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In my last post, I outlined the basics of the Myers-Briggs personality test, which is frequently used to help people better understand themselves in a social context. In this post, I’ll consider the first dichotomy or pair of opposed traits: Extraversion vs. Introversion.

I like to stress the fact that there are no good or bad results, just results. The better grasp you have of your natural inclinations, particularly in stressful or high-pressure situations, the better you can leverage your emotions and behaviors.

Extraverted and introverted traits are related to how someone feels about interacting with other people, as well as their preference for knowledge building.

Are you a procurement extravert or introvert? Let’s find out!

If you are a procurement extravert, you might:
–    Prefer to communicate with stakeholders and suppliers via in-person meetings
–    Engage in collaborative supplier relationships and welcome the opportunity to negotiate in person
–    Actively seek out knowledge across a number of spend categories and a greater number of contacts

Extraverts tend to excel in an environment where they can be masters of the spend management process, but move between different areas of the spend pool and organization.

If you are a procurement introvert, you might:
–    Prefer to communicate via email and fully leverage the capabilities of eSourcing applications for supplier feedback
–    Give careful thought to stakeholder or supplier opportunities and present them only after an idea is fully formed
–    Seek out deeper knowledge in a focused area and a smaller number of close contacts

Introverts tend to prefer to specialize in a spend category where they can build deep expertise and foster a fixed number of long-term stakeholders.

Consider which label is more descriptive of you and your preferences, and then compare that to your current situation. Are there ways you could be better positioned to leverage your natural strengths?

In my next post, we will move on to the dichotomy of sensing vs. intuition and consider the role that information gathering, or perception, plays in procurement.

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