2 Ways Modern Sourcing Pros Collaborate Today

Collaboration – I know, I know – it’s a pretty big buzz word in today’s world. But we love collaboration at Iasta. In fact, collaboration is a core value at Iasta. We make an effort to collaborate on everything from client projects to internal growth initiatives to product development to when the Source-a-Saurus will make his next grand appearance!

Source-a-SaurusAnd because decision making is a collaborative activity, we find that collaboration is extremely important for our clients too! In fact, we made some recent improvements to our executive analytics solution that gives modern sourcing pros the power to take collaboration to a whole new level.

Collaboration and decision making go hand-in-hand because procurement pros can use technology to:

  • Invite other members of the company (from across the global) to join sessions to review data and reports in real-time
  • Share reports and make notes on specific reports and line items
  • Ask and answer questions without ever leaving the tool – no more emails that have 40 replies and 20 people included
  • Share your screen with other users – allowing them to make comments, highlight, and analyze the data
  • Establish a record of how important business decisions were made based on data.

So, how are modern sourcing pros using collaboration today?

Scenario 1: Say one of your internal analysts has identified savings opportunities within IT Hardware and wants to share these views with the Category Manager. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can email the link to the dynamic reporting tool where both users can interact simultaneously. Using the technology, you can now share the real time path that you took to identify a potential opportunity.

Scenario 2: Using the technology, you can take a snapshot of the IT Hardware opportunity that was identified with your analysis. Start a discussion by tagging a note to the opportunity dashboard, which your colleagues can view and make additional comments. You can use these explanations to better understand how and why decisions were made.

With the ability to dig deeper into data analysis, problem solving will be faster and easier than ever before. By sharing your screen with other stakeholders and taking notes in real time, you can create a meeting environment that uses technology to put collaboration the core of intelligent decision making.

How is your team using technology to take collaboration to the next level? Comment below or tweet us your stories @iasta.

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