September Monthly Payback: Laura Roman from St. Claire Group

LR Monthly PaybackWho is Laura Roman? Laura is the Vice President / Account Supervisor of St. Claire Group in Carmel. She has spent more than thirty years in marketing with the last twenty-five focused in healthcare. Her experience includes marketing communications development for hospitals, specialty physician practices and healthcare insurance providers. In her spare time, Laura enjoys relaxing at the lakes and spending time with her three children and three Daschunds.

Let’s learn more about Laura…

We asked Laura what was the best business advice she had ever received throughout her career.

On being honest

“Always be honest – even when being honest is difficult,” Laura said. “If you’re not honest and someone finds out, you lose trust. Trust is one of the most important qualities in a business environment.”

Laura’s job is to ensure a client’s project is completed on time and manage everyone’s role in finishing the project. Laura shared a story about a previous client that had very high expectations. One of Laura’s team members left for vacation without completing their task for the project. With the deadline quickly approaching, Laura called the client and updated them on the situation.

She explained the project wasn’t on track to be completed by the expected deadline, but said everything could be completed by the following week. Even though the client was upset about the situation, the client appreciated Laura’s honesty. Today, this client is Laura’s life mentor because they built a strong relationship based on trust.

“My goal is to always meet expectations, but you have to build character to get through the difficulties,” Laura said.

On thinking outside the box

“When I accepted the Director of Marketing and Guest Relations position at The Indiana Heart Hospital, I worked for an individual who would forever change my thinking,” Laura said. “He didn’t care if I could write creative content, but cared if I was a creative thinker. With his blessing, my marketing strategy was to create word-of-mouth buzz about the experience our patients and families received. We followed the Disney philosophy of making each person who walked through our door think, ‘Wow, that was really great.'”

Laura said this inspired her to stretch her mind beyond the traditional marketing practices she often used throughout her career such as attractive literature or expensive television commercials, to focusing on how staff interacted with patients and families, a patient-friendly environment that allowed the staff to go “above and beyond” for each guest.

From that moment, Laura was always looking for a way to step outside the box – whether that meant coordinating a wedding in the hospital chapel for a patient who was very sick or giving away a free hotel room to a patient’s family in need of comfort.

“It’s not always about the advertisements,” Laura said. “Working at The Indiana Heart Hospital was a highlight of my career because the work I was doing matched my personal beliefs as a servant leader. Every day was rewarding for me because I could provide comfort to those who were facing the unknown.”

She always encourages people to remember that if someone has a positive experience, they will tell two people. But if they have a negative experience, they will tell ten people. Remember this as you’re interacting with your clients and colleagues. If you think outside the box, you’re likely to inspire more positive moments that leave lasting impressions in people’s memories and hearts.

On finding a work-life balance

Laura is a people pleaser at heart. She always wants her clients to be happy, but that doesn’t always fit well into her personal life.

“You have to set boundaries and have realistic expectations,” said Laura. It’s OK to take work home with you, but only as long as family comes first.”

No matter how busy her workload is, Laura always continues with her family tradition of discussing the high and low points of each person’s day.

Laura’s favorite quote is by Jackie Kennedy, “I want to be remembered for being a good mother, because after that, nothing else matters.”

“When it’s all over, I want my children to say, ‘my mom was there and she was a good mother,’” Laura said.

Laura admits she is guilty of working too much at times, but her family helps keep her balanced by telling her when to slow down or stop.

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