30 Day Challenge: 3 Little Changes to Become a Better Procurement Pro

Have you ever attempted a 30 day challenge? In today’s world, there are so many different 30 day challenges – from cleanses to fitness programs to personal growth to professional reflections.

I believe you can do anything for 30 days if you are passionate about the change. But what’s the secret behind the number 30? Most research says that for a behavior to become a habit, you need to incorporate the change as part of your daily routine for 30 days.

If you’re goal is to become a better procurement professional, I encourage you to mix in the following three little changes:

1-Be a change agent. Change is constant. If you aren’t open to new processes and technology, you (and your company) will likely be left behind while others progress ahead of you. You could also miss out on opportunities for growth. Part of being a change agent means you aren’t afraid to take risks! A mistake should be viewed as a learning opportunity and not a failure. As a leader, if you set an example for change, your employees are likely to follow. On the other hand, if you aren’t in authority but are an advocate for change, show the importance for change by putting together a “case” of the benefits. Click here to read 4 tips on how to be a change agent at your organization.

2-Collaborate with your stakeholders. Have you ever been involved in a project with little or no communication amongst your team members? It’s painful and stressful, isn’t it? You feel tension and have difficulty finding a common ground to solve problems. Poor communication puts a strain on any relationship- personal or corporate. In order to form a successful relationship with your team members and especially your stakeholders, you need to establish open communication to understand their unique needs and challenges. Effective communication (from both parties) is a win-win. Not only will regular communication with your stakeholders strengthen the relationship and allow you to strategically adapt to their needs and challenges, but in return, it will make you a better leader.

3-Do your research. Life gets busy- emails, errands, work tasks, meetings, etc. all tend to pile up and take away valuable “you” time from your day. But don’t let the emails and your to-do list keep you from staying current with what’s going on in the world (and your industry).Take 30 minutes a day to research content that is interesting to you – best practices, industry trends, conference topics, webcasts, etc. Not only will you brush up on your professional knowledge, but you’ll be able to take the research and ideas you’ve gained back to your team for improvements and strategy mapping. Even better, put your knowledge to work. Iasta is always looking for new writers to share their stories and best practices with our readers. Email blog@iasta.com to learn about any blogging opportunities with our growing team.

What else could you do in 30 days to become a better procurement pro? Share your ideas by commenting below or tweeting us @iasta. If you decide to take on this challenge, make sure to share your story along the way!

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