52 Reasons to Work at Iasta

Did you see that Indianapolis was recently listed on the New York Time’s 52 Places to Go in 2014 list? Iasta is excited and proud that our HQ city made the list! In order to keep the excitement alive, I reached out to our employees and asked them to come up with reasons why they love working at Iasta.

With great pride and pleasure, I present to you our list of 52 reasons to work at Iasta.

1.    We have a T-rex mascot named, The Source-a-Saurus.


2.    You can have an empowered voice at an innovative tech company in Indy.

3.    Beer Fridays, need we say more?

4.    The three original partners are still active at Iasta and care about the future of the company.

5.    You can work at an industry leading, global tech company that has the culture of a local, family run business.

6.    We are passionate about giving back to the community. In fact, we have a team called The Iasta Outreach Committee that leads community service initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, quarterly donations, food pantry drives, school supply drives, and much more!


7.    Iasta is supportive of a healthy work-life balance.

8.    We have some pretty amazing Halloween costume contests.

Arthur Nasser

9.    Our holiday pitch-in always includes a white elephant gift exchange and delicious, fried chicken from Hollyhock Hills.

Iasta Ugly Christmas Sweaters

10.    You can grow within the company! Many directors and managers are supportive of cross-departmental career advancement. We also have a London office – some Indy team members have transferred there for 12 month assignments.

11.    We have a popcorn machine in the breakroom- and no one will judge you for going back for seconds. You can also enjoy cornhole and Netflix in breakroom!

12.    All of our conference rooms are named after famous Indiana people, including David Letterman, John Mellencamp, James Dean, Kurt Vonnegut, Steve McQueen, and Larry Bird.

13.    Our CEO is willing to take a pie in the face for a good cause.


14.    Need a running buddy for a lunch time or after work run? Iasta is FULL of runners so you’ll always find someone to workout with or sign-up for a race together.

team iasta

15.  Opportunity to meet people from around the world.

16.  Speaking of cornhole, we have an annual cornhole tournament to raise money for our community service efforts.

Corn hole

17.    “We have an amazing holiday party – great food, drinks, holiday raffles, and a photo booth- need I say more?”

Holiday Party 2014

18.    You have the opportunity to influence the direction of the company and company-policies by sharing your ideas and visions.

19.    There is an arcade machine in the breakroom. The fact that it doesn’t work right now is irrelevant.

20.    You can work in an environment that gives you the freedom and flexibility to implement your ideas.

21.    We have Office Olympics! We may or may not already be planning for the 2016 summer games!

marie olymics

22.    Each year around the Super Bowl, we have a company-wide Souper Bowl Challenge! Participants bring in their favorite soup to share – the winner gets a prize and the money collected goes to a local charity!

23.    We help companies solve their biggest problems in upstream procurement.

upstream procurement

24. We have a really cool timeline along the main office wall.


25.     Our innovative solutions allowed us to be named a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

26.    We have some pretty cool Iasta swag.

ashley and cayla

27.    Speaking of swag, we have our very own Iasta Source-a-Saurus tattoos!

Scott's Tat

28.    Our CEO does CrossFit + triathlons and our COO runs marathons.


29.    We encourage fun, team building activities.


30.    Iasta truly cares about its employees and their families.

31.    You can enjoy unlimited coffee using Iasta’s big selection of K-cups and our Keurig.

32.    The people that work at Iasta are friendly and fun.

iasta team

33.    We are international and continue to grow into new markets each year.

34.     Our software developers have their own room, which has a disco ball and a muppet of our CFO, Todd.

dev room

35.    We listen to our customers- we take our win-loss survey responses and annual customer survey results very seriously.

36.    Iasta celebrates employee success at the annual Employee Excellence Awards. Best of all? All winners have been nominated by their peers.

employee excellence winners

37.    Our employees are super creative! In fact, we often photoshop our partners into superheroes and celebrities for community service events and initiatives such as the Food Pantry Challenge and Relay for Life.


Doesn’t our CFO make a great Yoda?


38.    A handful of our employees and leaders are Pros to Know!

39.    Speaking of Pros to Know, many of our amazing clients are also Pros to Know too!

Joanna Martinez

40.    We really like food around here – and you’ll often find leftovers in the break room.


41.  It’s hard to tell the difference between co-workers and family.

42.  The Source-a-Saurus makes surprise appearances in the office!


43.  You can decorate your cube with a basketball hoop, beer fridge, and mini spin cycle.

44.  Our development team works from the Speakeasy on Mondays. That’s pretty cool.

45.   We have great coworkers that love to work together and collaborate (one of our core values).

core values

46.   We’ve been around for nearly 14 years, but still think like a growing company.

47.   We love celebrating birthdays! Each month, we bring in bagels or donuts to spread birthday cheer to all.

48.   We work with Napolean Dynamite doppelgangers.

Napoleon Dynamite

49.    We are big fans of impromptu dance parties. You never quite know when someone is about to “drop it like it’s hot” around here.

50.    “When my boss asks what I think, he actually wants to know. It’s not just an obligatory question.”

51.    You have opportunities to expand personal brand and achieve professional growth by writing on Iasta’s blog, participating in webinars, and speaking at conferences.

52.  You get to work with people who are as smart (and sometimes smarter) than you.

Hopefully our list makes it clear that culture is extremely important to everyone here at Iasta! You truly can’t put a price tag on working with great people at a wonderful company. You can check out more pictures from Iasta events and accomplishments on our Facebook page.

Want to join our team? Check out our open positions on our website or watch this video of our CEO David Bush explaining why YOU should work at Iasta.

Finally, I’d like to send out a special thank you to all of our employees that submitted reasons why they love working at Iasta.

Still quiet here.sas

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