Participate In IASTA and Efficio’s Global Procurement Survey

Iasta has partnered with Efficio to research how procurement maturity varies globally and address the steps procurement leaders are taking to become change agents in their organizations.

Our hope is the survey results will help us better understand procurement’s organizational impact from a global perspective. We are asking questions around:

  • The big picture – What are your top challenges and plans over the next two years?
  • The sourcing process – How do you prioritize, manage, and report on your projects and initiatives?
  • Savings goals, efforts, and effectiveness – How is your team is being measured and what targets are you hitting?
  • Managing supplier relationships – Do you have a formal SRM process, how often are you providing feedback to suppliers, and how many suppliers do you measure?
  • Sustainability – What supplier sustainability practices are you tracking and managing?
  • Technology – What improved technology support will help your procurement team achieve its goals and what does your technology landscape look like today?
  • Training and maturity – What are top skills your need teams for meeting your objectives and how would you rank your overall maturity?

The survey should only take you about 15 minutes to complete.


As a thank you for participating in our survey, we will also provide you early-access to download our whitepaper based on the survey results.

The results from the survey will be shared next month during our live webinar titled, “Becoming a Procurement Change Agent in 2014: A Global Perspective of Procurement and Change Management.” Be on the lookout for webinar registration later this month.

The survey will close on Friday, April 25th. Thank you in advance for participating in our global procurement survey.

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