Going Beyond Supplier Diversity 101

circle handsIn today’s world, supplier diversity is becoming a growing concern and objective for procurement teams. While supplier diversity can be a moving target for most organizations, there is no denying diversity is becoming a competitive advantage. Improved supplier diversity is helping organizations strengthen employee motivation and emerge into new markets.

Often, procurement teams struggle with where to start when mapping out their strategy, goals, and metrics for the diversity program. Dysfunctional processes, bad data collection practices, and the inability to accurately enrich and normalize data are a few roadblocks that most teams need to overcome.

If you feel stuck or unsure where to start when developing your supplier diversity program, our latest whitepaper should help you build the foundation for your program: Going Beyond Supplier Diversity 101.

Read our whitepaper now to learn how you can advance visibility into supplier diversity spend through modern sourcing techniques. The paper will cover:

  • Today’s business case for tracking supplier diversity
  • Tips for tracking supplier diversity through modern sourcing approaches
  • How to incorporate supplier diversity into your wider spend analytics strategy
  • Iasta’s approach and solutions to help clients achieve diversity goals and objectives

Still not convinced about implementing a supplier diversity program? We have cover three benefits you can’t ignore here.


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