Deliver the ROI You Promised in Your Source-to-Pay Transformation

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You want to automate the source-to-pay cycle, but what solution is best for your business?

Would focused specialty solutions serve you best? Should you consider a monolithic enterprise platform?

Without understanding the tradeoffs that accompany these decisions, you may not realize the ROI you need within an acceptable time frame. The Source-to-Pay cycle in mid- to large-sized enterprises encompasses diverse teams with unique application requirements.  As these enterprises embark on the automation journey, they are faced with a variety of solutions, ranging from niche tools to best-of-breed solutions to monolithic enterprise platforms. Understanding the tradeoffs is key to realizing ROI within an acceptable timeframe, while enabling the path to strategic financial management.

Join us for a lively debate in our upcoming webinar with Verian titled, “Top Drivers in Source to Pay Transformation: 3 Keys to Quicker Time to Value.”

You will be among long-time industry veterans who will share 3 key truths and their impact on the flexibility of specialized platforms, including:

  • Time to Value
  • Compliance
  • User Adoption
  • Optimal Rollout Sequencing
  • Success Metrics that Matter

Your expert panelists include:

  • Tommy Benston, Client Executive & Director of Business Partnerships, Verian
  • Constantine Limberakis, Director of Sales & Marketing Enablement, IASTA
  • Hadi Chemaly, Senior Product Strategist, Verian
  • Dana Saylors, Vice President of Strategy, Verian (Moderator)

By attending the webinar, we hope that you will learn:

  • Tips to enable the path to strategic financial management
  • Ways to ensure you master optimal rollout sequencing
  • How to implement success metrics that matter (such as value, compliance, and user adoption)
  • Types of solution tradeoffs to consider

Participate through our interactive Q&A session, and ask those nagging questions no one seems to answer. These experts have seen it all and will share their war stories so you can be prepared.

Register today and join the conversation. We hope to see you there!

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