10 Years – 10 Memories: An Iasta Memoir by Marie Bauer (Part 1)

10330229_451193411649689_8282520315033264577_nOn June 1, 2014, I celebrated 10 years working for Iasta and in the sourcing industry. I can still remember driving from Indiana University Bloomington up to Iasta’s headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, and sitting down with Dave Bush, CEO, for an interview. Soon after, I was offered my first “real” job answering support phone calls and emails for Iasta. Coming straight from college, I did not know much about the sourcing industry and did not realize my support position at a small company would turn into a satisfying ten year career.

I cannot believe it’s already been ten years! To celebrate, I’m sharing ten memorable experiences I’ve had while working for Iasta. I’m thrilled to share 10 of my favorite memories over a series of two blog posts.

Here are my first five memories:

1. My first training in Iasta SmartSource – My first day of work, I sat down with Jason Treida, COO, for three hours as he showed me Iasta SmartSource on his computer. Back then, Iasta SmartSource only included reverse auction, sealed bid, forward auction functionality, and RFx survey functionality. It’s amazing to see how far Iasta has come in developing solutions for clients and staying on top of industry trends. Today, Iasta has many services and products for clients to choose from, including Iasta SmartAnalytics. We also have a much more extensive internal training program in place now!

2. Managing my first sourcing project – The first sourcing project I managed was a corrugated project for a client, which included multiple spreadsheets of specifications and suppliers from across the country. It resulted in a multiple hour auction with cascading lots. I learned a big lesson while managing that project that I still remind clients of today – ensure your specifications are complete and accurate! Regular revisions were made to the project, with suppliers pointing out incorrect or incomplete specs. If more time had been spent upfront confirming the specifications, it would have saved time and headaches. I will always remember all the lessons I learned, and the satisfaction I felt, in managing that first project.

3. Phone call for Michael Dell – When training clients on Iasta SmartSource, or demoing a reverse auction, we often use an IT Hardware example project, which includes suppliers we invent with made up names and contact information. “Michael Dell” was one of these famed fictional characters. So, you can imagine my surprise when, many years ago, I answered the phone to Michael Dell’s secretary, asking about an IT Hardware project he was invited to! Needless to say, we have since made sure the email addresses and demo content we use is far from realistic. It was definitely a Twilight Zone moment for me, which we laugh about today.

Christmas Party Source-a-Saurus

4. Holiday party shenanigans – At Iasta, we take our holiday celebrations, or any celebration for that matter, very seriously. There was one particular holiday party that was more rambunctious than the rest, which stands out in my memory. After a late, loud dinner party with the Iasta crew, the legend is that we were “banned” from the restaurant that hosted the event. I cannot confirm nor deny the truth to this rumor…

5. Iasta office move – When I first started working at Iasta, it was a small team in an equally small office space. My office was a windowless room, which actually used to serve as a small break/supply room. As our products and services grew, so did our client base. We soon needed a larger space to accommodate the quickly increasing number of employees. We moved to a newer, nicer building, which included an office with a window view for me! Moving to the new office was an exciting milestone for Iasta, as it showed we were growing and confirmed the company’s success. Iasta is looking for a potential new office space soon, since we continue to grow and show no signs of stopping! It will be exciting to see where Iasta ends up for its next chapter.


Stay tuned for my next five favorite memories at Iasta. In the meantime, I’d like to encourage my colleagues to share some of their favorite memories on this blog post.

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