45 Reasons to Attend reSource ‘14 Indianapolis

reSource logoStill deciding whether or not you want to attend reSource 2014 in Indianapolis? The benefits of attending this two day conference and additional training day are endless! Below are just a few of the reasons you don’t want to miss this amazing event.

Training Day

  1. Learn how to create thoroughly awesome RFPs utilizing different question types and scoring criteria.
  2. Learn about different lotting strategies when setting up your Live Event.
  3. Learn how and when to utilize Excel Bidding and best practices for creating Excel bid sheets.
  4. Learn how to setup database fields for contracts and store your contract information.
  5. Learn how to track attendee activities in your project through use of Project Management.Training Day
  6. Learn how to setup automated emails and reduce manual email messages through Project Management.
  7. Attend workshops designed to help you better manage supplier profile information and scorecards.
  8. Learn how to setup evaluation criteria and manage suppliers participating in your RFIs and RFPs.
  9. Have your most pressing spend management questions answered in an Iasta SmartAnalytics training session.
  10. Receive product training in a personalized classroom environment.
  11. Gain tips on how you can centralize your contracts and set custom triggers to make sure you never miss another supplier negotiation opportunity again.
  12. Conquer advanced sealed bids and auctions in an interactive workshop.
  13. Receive one-on-one assistance from Iasta experts on setting up your sourcing project or utilizing other functionality in Iasta SmartSource.
  14. Earn 6 ISM credits by attending sessions on training day.


  1. Listen to our CEO David Bush share Iasta’s current vision and exciting future.
  2. Hear Pro to Know of 2014, Ryan Verbecken, sharDavid Bushe Kroger’s success story.
  3. Learn how Kroger manages its suppliers and minimizes risk utilizing Iasta SmartSource.
  4. Meet Iasta clients that were recognized as 2014 Pros to Know.
  5. Get a glimpse into Iasta’s product roadmap and innovation over the past year.
  6. Hear how Equifax utilizes business intelligence to target its supplier negotiations.
  7. Hear how Cushman & Wakefield accelerated its sourcing and Contract Management adoption utilizing experts at Iasta.
  8. Discuss common problems, share solutions, and explore hot topics with your fellow sourcing professionals.
  9. Meet and listen to A.T. Kearney Partner Marc Hochman – our keynote speaker this year!
  10. Learn about ROSMASM, Return on Supply Management Assets, performance check from A.T. Kearney.
  11. A.T. Kearney will discuss ROSMA, a complimentary performance-benchmarking service that allows you to consistently measure financial contributions.
  12. Learn how others are utilizing business intelligence to identify sourcing opportunities and target negotiations.
  13. Learn the importance of a successful implementation and how others are accelerating adoption within their company.
  14. Learn about global trends in procurement, based on the results of Iasta’s recent procurement survey.
  15. Take away lessons from your peers and get inspired by hearing multiple customer success stories.
  16. Hear how Brunswick is utilizing Spend Analytics to uncover new sourcing opportunities.Roundtables
  17. Hear how YP is rationalizing suppliers through the use of Spend Analytics.
  18. Be the first to know Iasta’s product vision and how we are bringing new levels of intelligence to procurement.
  19. Learn how Iasta clients are improving supplier performance and managing risk in an interactive panel discussion.
  20. Schedule drop-in demos and receive one-on-one support during session breaks.


  1. Join us for a fun-filled evening during Iasta’s networking reception at the NCAA Hall of Champions – gym shoes aren’t required for this fun event!
  2. Meet executives, sourcing directors, and procurement managers who utilize Iasta SmartSource and Iasta SmartAnalytics and face the same challenges as you!
  3. Participate in our roundtable sessions to meet other sourcing professionals and discuss common problems and solutions.
  4. Break the ice at our welcome reception at The Alexander on Tuesday night, September 9th!


  1. Admire the beautiful and unique commissioned artwork throughout The Alexander.The Alexander
  2. Want some exercise in a new city? Explore the Cultural Trail through downtown Indianapolis, right outside the front door of The Alexander.
  3. Are you a history buff? Visit the Sailors & Soldiers Monument in downtown Indianapolis, just minutes from The Alexander.
  4. Drink a cocktail at the unique and modern Platt 99 mixology lounge, located at The Alexander.
  5. Explore the unique restaurants, bars, and shops along exciting Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis.
  6. Explore two-levels of interactive exhibits and games at the NCAA Hall of Champions during our offsite reception.
  7. Practice your jump shot and kick a goal at the NCAA Hall of Champions!

Wanting to add to our list? Comment below or tweet us @iasta. Hope to see you there!

Photo Credit: The Alexander

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