6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Iasta reSource 2014

Iasta reSource 2014 in Indianapolis is less than 43 days away. If you’ve never been to Iasta’s user conference (or any conference for that matter), I’m sure you have a handful of questions.

What sessions do I attend?
Who will I meet?
What will I do?
How can I get the most out of this event?

Attending any type of conference for the first time can be overwhelming (and no doubt exciting). So, to lower your stress levels, here are a few pieces of advice for making the most of your time with your colleagues and the Iasta crew in Indianapolis.

#1 Download the IASTA Events App – Soon you will be able to download our mobile app by searching “Iasta Events” in your phone’s app library. If you’re like me, your phone is usually within reach at all times. Using the Iasta Events mobile app, you can quickly check out the conference schedule, read speaker bios, find event locations, and even share your learnings on social media! Not only will this app cover all things reSource, it will also come in handy for future IASTA events too. More details to come!

#2 Split Up – I know it’s pretty tempting to attend every session with the folks you work with every day, but don’t do it! You must divide and conquer. With so many sourcing tips and tricks to learn, you’ll want to cover as much ground as possible. Sessions will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Spend Analytics
  • Managing Suppliers

Split up and have at least one team member per session. This way, you and your coworkers will walk away with double (or triple) the knowledge. And hey, maybe you’ll meet someone new along the way.

#3 Don’t Be Shy – Attending a session on your own can be intimidating, but don’t let going solo scare you – or keep you from having a good time. Join a table of new faces, share Iasta success stories, and network along the way. Come prepared with a set of 2 to 3 questions as your “go-to” ice breakers for meeting new people.

#4 Ask Questions – Take advantage of the resources around you – no pun intended. Ask those burning sourcing questions, request to see a demo of new software, join a roundtable discussion, or even ask the keynote speaker a pressing question before it escapes your mind. You will be surrounded by experts who will be happy to help. Iasta will even have drop-in support staff available all day.

#5 Don’t Miss the Receptions – Planning to skip the conference receptions? Think again! This is the best time to network with other attendees and just have fun. We will host two evening receptions, including one at the NCAA Hall of Champions, where you can explore two levels of interactive exhibits and practice your jump shot!

#6 Explore Indianapolis – Although your Iasta reSource schedule will be jam-packed, use whatever extra time you have to explore downtown Indianapolis. Take advantage of The Alexander’s prime location in the heart of Indy, and explore the numerous restaurants, shops, and walking trails around you.

If you’re a seasoned conference goer, what advice do you have for our attendees this year? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or tweet us @iasta.

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