4 Tips to Tame the Sourcing Monster

PrintIs there a sourcing monster lurking around your office?

He’s known to wreak havoc in your sourcing software, causing your database to become messy and confusing. The sourcing monster makes using eSourcing tools increasingly more time-consuming, degrades the efficiency of your standard processes, compromises integrity of the eSourcing process, frustrates users, and lowers adoption. You’ll know the monster’s been hiding under your desk once you log into the system and realize he is:

  • Sending RFPs with outdated and inconsistent legal terms
  • Not updating templates to remain consistent across all projects
  • Spending too much time editing and personalizing project surveys
  • Saving over and modifying other user’s templates

So, how do you tame the sourcing monster and clean up your database?

1- Implement effective document management. Start by finding an eSourcing solution with effective document management.

2- Create standard templates. Create and maintain standard templates for your team to use. Keep documents and standard terms up-to-date. Agree on one or several individual common templates for all Sourcing Managers to leverage.

3- Determine roles and permissions. Use permissions within your eSourcing solution to limit overwriting templates and documents. By appointing one template creator and a few subdomain admins to edit files, you limit the risk of your files being overridden by other’s changes.

4- Schedule continuous maintenance. As with any program, ongoing maintenance and improvement is the key to success. Archive outdated documents and organize files within a document library.

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