Welcome b-pack!

As CEO of Selectica I am very excited about the opportunity to add industry-leader b-pack to our product portfolio, global market presence, and the amazing team of professionals we have working to serve our clients.

Welcome b-pack: Why we're perfect together.

It has long been our goal to expand our enterprise CLM and supply management solution to include downstream or purchase-to-pay solution as a part of our strategy. Enterprises, increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies of managing a myriad of suppliers and disconnected information, are moving to unify and integrate solutions across different departments. They can now confidently choose Selectica as their “one-stop-shop” for everything they need regarding enterprise contract lifecycle management, supply management, and the integration between the two.

Another significant benefit of merging with b-pack is the expansion of our global footprint. The combined organizations with b-pack’s foothold in France – and Western Europe more generally – is a perfect complement to the Selectica business, which has been historically focused on North America and the UK. Our international enterprise clients are increasingly asking for a more localized, yet extensive global presence and now we can clearly fulfill their requirements.

From a financial perspective, b-pack continues the path that Selectica initiated with its acquisition of supply management leader IASTA. By merging with a strong, private company, Selectica’s financial performance was enhanced. The results, as indicated in our recent quarterly announcements, speak for themselves; and b-pack will advance our gains even further.

Most importantly, we have now significantly augmented our most important resource: our people. The people of Selectica, IASTA, and b-pack – together – are a truly powerful force in the industry, combining years of insight into our clients’ needs and the ability to translate that into the most effective combination of products and services in the industry.

Welcome, b-pack, to the Selectica family. You have found a great home where we will become even more successful together!

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