Where to find contract management discussions at ISM 2015


ISM’s annual supply management conference is just around the corner, May 3 – 6 in Phoenix. If you haven’t yet made plans to attend, there’s still time to look into it. If your travel plans are all in place, then you have to make some tough decisions about which breakout sessions to attend.

This year, the tracks at ISM 2015 are decidedly strategic and value oriented, making it harder to determine which sessions offer the processes that can best benefit your needs. While it’s the largest conference of the year for supply management, surprisingly, it appears there are very few sessions that are contract management specific. I’m sure, however, there will be discussions on contract lifecycle management in some of the breakout sessions, given the critical part it plays in managing risk and compliance with supplier management. Selectica, IASTA, and b-pack colleagues will all be in attendance to discuss upstream and downstream source-to-pay solutions, along with CLM.

Here are a few sessions – one per track – that speak either directly to contracts, or relationships with suppliers, or formal corporate arrangements …

Track 1: High Performing Value Chain Management

Behavior Under Uncertainty with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model

Track 2: Best Practices in Procurement

Vested: Five Rules that Transform Outsourcing

Track 3: Strategic Partnerships

Lurking Relationship Risks: How to Protect Yourself in Business

Track 4: Risk Management

Managing Contractual Risk

Track 5: Leadership Strategies

Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures – Expanding the Role of Supply Management

Track 6: Delivering Financial Results

Session: Transformation of Procurement & Supply Chain with Data Analytics

Track 7: Strategic Profitable Growth

Become a Valued Business Partner Through Rigorous Supply Chain Strategies

If none of those apply to your own organization’s contract management priorities, you can always stop by and visit with the Selectica team at booth #608. People from all areas of the company, including b-pack, will be on hand to provide insight on contract management, as well as upstream and downstream procurement. Experience demos and get a look at the “New Selectica” as we complete the merger with b-pack. And if you happen to have forgotten your back-up charger or left your light-up yo-yo at home, go visit them for a new one!

Before you pack your bags, warm up with the important role workflow plays in any successful deployment. Join our webinar on April 28 at 1PM EDT featuring Tim Cummins from IACCM, and get practical tips on driving better contract governance with contract workflow. Register now for the live event.

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