Determine is Bringing Innovation Through Experience & Modernity – Series 3


To understand the trend in technology and how Determine is addressing it is by looking at this from the persona of the company. Organizations want to be smarter by being able to collaborate in new ways using a common platform approach. Taking this concept as part of adopting solutions is something Forrester Research has looked at around the concept of a smart process applications.

According to Forrester, what defines a smart process application is the ability to:

  • Import or embed awareness data relevant to the business activity.
  • Document capture, document output, and document management.
  • Embedded analytical tools designed for the business activity.
  • Collaboration platform for people to create content needed for the activity.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) tools for executing the steps involved in the activity.

Consider then a source to pay or contract management platform as a “smart process application” taking on a creative mix of a business process/workflow engine and enterprise analytics with global collaboration. To understand how this framework would work together, let’s break down the essential elements that define a smart modern business platform for Determine.

Modern means that our platform is delivered via a proven cloud infrastructure. Modern means consumable B2B solutions that can be configured to meet the needs of each business community it’s designed for, while spanning the functionality as an integrated suite.

Modern means a common core for managing all the key areas within the application.  In other words, breaking down processes that are included within a business framework, but get built on a common foundation regardless of where the process resides in areas from organizational management, to workflow to master data management.

Modern means our UI meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s user experience through concepts improving self-service and ease of use. Modern brings with it a core of enabling capabilities that establishes a foundation for collaboration and analytics across enterprise processes.

Modern means that the solution is designed to interoperate with other systems and networks through an open innovation model. How we do this today is evidenced by our technology platform we develop on and integration of our platform through partnerships with leading technology platforms like Salesforce, TradeShift and others.

Over the course of the next several months and the years to come, Determine will continue to innovate its platform for changing the future of enterprise technology; and these changes in business will ultimately determine the future.

* Watch our on-demand webinar with Forrester Research Vice President Duncan Jones to learn about the complete source-to-pay process, importance of collaborating with your stakeholders, and how to define a vision and goals for your procurement IT needs.

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