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An interview with Bruno Sénico, Purchaser for the Acticall Group

Q: Acticall, the benchmark French-speaking Call Center, has extended its business and today is a leading Services Group. Could you tell us more about this growth?

A: Our Group has evolved dramatically as a result of internal growth with the opening of subsidiaries in the Ivory Coast and Morocco and external growth with the acquisition of Sitel, the American leader in Customer Relations. We are now one of the top 4 global Customer Relations providers with a turnover of €1.5 billion.

Our Business Model has also changed significantly to adapt to new technology and the social networks through the creation of several brands which cover every area of Customer Relations:

  • Remote Customer Relations management with our Acticall Centres de Contacts and Sitel brands: 22 countries, 146 contact centers globally with a total of 48 languages supported, including 7 multilingual hubs
  • The Social Client, the Learning Tribes training program and its 4 learning solutions
  • Customer Experience and Relations consultancy with Extens Consulting, our strategy consultancy firm
  • and the development of technological solutions with Novagile.

“Determine has had quite an economic impact with almost a 30% reduction in costs associated with procurement.”

Q: What about your use today of the Determine Source-to-Pay platform?

A: In France, our workforce has grown from 4,000 to 8,000 employees. Using Determine has above all had an impact on our organization and process management.

In Morocco, the introduction of Determine has had quite an economic impact with almost a 30% reduction in costs associated with procurement. Actually, the deployment of Determine has raised the right questions and challenged existing processes. The introduction of a new solution is an opportunity to reconsider lots of things and centralize and coordinate tools and working methods.

Q: What is the scope of the solution today?

A: Today we handle €15 million in purchases with around 200 budget lines and 15,000 purchase requisitions per year.

The procurement categories handled in Determine are mostly Marketing/Communication, maintenance contracts, IT equipment and works.

Q: Could you give us an example of a traditional process handled in Determine?

A: A purchase requisition is issued and then automatically sent to the Budget Planner and the Technical Manager who revise the requirement and validate it.

Once approved, the order is placed by the purchasing team which validates the price and the choice of supplier. Whenever possible, the team links the purchase requisition to the correct contract with everything this entails: checking of contract terms, application of BPU, etc.

Finally, the Site Manager, responsible for his PNL, is very familiar with the business. He performs the final check and validates the expenditure. A dual invoice validation process is triggered, with the invoice being validated by both the Purchasing Department and the Accounts Department.

Q: Having used the Determine platform for 2 years, what are its key advantages for you?

A: A solution which provides flexibility, adaptability & autonomy

The Determine solution has been able to absorb the growth of our business and centralize all types of purchasing:

  • The user and stakeholder population is constantly evolving. Being able to centralize and archive means records can be kept on previous purchases, especially if teams change.
  • The solution has also supported us globally. It has been quickly adopted, taking just 15 days in Africa.
  • As an administrator, the Determine platform gives me great freedom and autonomy in setting parameters. I can update processes and workflows myself in real time so that they are adapted to the changes in the Acticall Group.
  • Finally, the solution handles both one-off purchase requisitions with small suppliers and requisitions using contracted suppliers:
    • Purchases made on contracts are often for large orders over the long term
    • Whereas for one-off purchases, particularly purchases on site, requisitioners need a quick response and can have quotes validated by the Purchasing Department in under 24 hours with the Determine platform.

Greater control & visibility

The Determine platform allows you to view the history of all the purchase requisitions and their progress. It is a genuine source of knowledge both for the requisitioners who can track the history of their requisitions and for the purchasers and managers who can use it to manage their activity more efficiently and anticipate future purchases. It is a genuine work tool for steering the business and helping in decision-making.

An amazing internal communication tool which promotes collaboration between the teams

In the case of Acticall, the Purchasing Department has become a transversal function, a coordinator which offers an amazing tool for managing organizational processes and sharing information.

Each stakeholder contributes to every purchase flow in Determine to optimise the purchases made within the company so that they meet the requisitioners’ needs more effectively.  The involvement of the Purchasing Department throughout the whole process for each purchase flow provides an outside perspective and further added value.

Benefits for all departments

The Determine solution is now used by almost all of our divisions at Acticall.

  • Real-time access to all types of expenditure figures and the possibility of extracting them into an Excel file to analyze them and establish KPIs have given the Finance and Accounts Divisions greater visibility and control of expenditure.
  • The ISD has access to the entire history of placed orders and existing catalogues.
  • Senior management uses the platform as a great collaborative and communication tool which brings people together and builds a climate of trust between the teams.

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